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Sep 28, 2017 · It’ll create a cleaner, slimmer line like those you see in the pages of our fine magazine. These days, we want our suit pants to fit like our jeans, and the key to that look is a tapered leg. anodized ar-15 parts. red anodized ar-15 gun parts . all red anodized ar-15 gun parts ; custom red anodized ar-15 gun parts ; blue anodized ar-15 gun parts Dec 15, 2009 · Obviously you can only do up to seven of them this way, but that's perfect for marking your verified "go-to" mags for a basic load. And yes, I know the M3 PMAGs have the numbering matrix, but even the new EMAGs don't, and in any case I think this is a neat, subtle, and visually distinctive method.